Welcome to the Biology 305 Lab

Lab exam tips

Some tips for the lab exam.
Also - remember to see Practice problems to practice some calculations.

Manual Format

The 305 lab does not lend itself well to a flat document because we frequently find it necessary to jump around in the lab manual and many students find this frustrating. We hope this new online lab manual will be more user friendly.

You can view most of the 305 website without becoming a member; however, you will have to become a member to see the weekly guides.

Include your full name and student ID in your request so I can identify you. Note that you will need to create a wikidot.com account to become a member.

Using this manual

  • As you already know, there is no printed lab manual to purchase. Except for protocols, you will not be getting any printed material in the lab.
  • You will receive a printed copy of most protocols in the lab. You can also find the protocols in this pdf.
  • It is very easy to print any pages that you wish (print button is at the bottom of each page) - you can even adjust the font size and style to suit yourself.
  • This manual is actually a wiki - but for the most part can only be edited by Lauri.
  • Use the left menu links to get to various sections of the manual.
  • The top links take you to support pages.
  • Use the Search box to search the entire 305 site for any word.
  • Please note and use the Forums (at the left).

Lab Schedule

The 2013 Revised Lab Schedule is a very brief guide to what we are doing each week. You will need to follow the weekly guides both to prepare for the lab and to complete the lab.

Please print and bring the appropriate weekly guide with you to the lab.

Please note the schedule is tentative as of Aug. 29th, 2013. It will be updated and reposted if necessary.

Lab Calendar

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