How to contact your lab instructor

To contact Lauri Lintott

Office: LB 414.4

Office phone: 585-4441

Email: For inquiries relating to Biology 305 labs, please e-mail biol305lab at gmail dot com (this is the best method).

The email subject heading must include your name, your lab section, and a clear description of the message's subject.
If you have a question that may benefit other students, please post it to the Questions forum. Note that Emails and posts received after 1 pm may not get a response from Lauri until the next day. Any posts/emails received after 5 pm on Friday will be answered the following Monday.

UR Courses: I will not be using UR Courses for 305 labs. All information will be posted to this site. Announcements will be posted through the Announcement Forum. You can use a RSS feed to keep up-to-date on announcements (see Lauri if you need some help using RSS feeds).s
Do not email Lauri through UR Courses.

Office Hours: I will post office hours on UR Courses and on my office door.

Concept Survey (to complete during the lab Sept. 11 & 12)

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