This is where the final data will be posted.

Concept survey

Please complete this survey at the start of your last lab (Nov 6/7).

2013 data

sequence files
205 haplotype data 2013.
I have added in the haplotypes as we have determined them. I have noted that some of them do not make sense but without more time to do more experiments - we will go with what we have. I think we can still do a good analysis.

Published frequencies

How to compare allele frequencies of two populations using χ2

Google Spreadsheet

Excel Spreadsheet

For this χ2 test, the proper way to determine degrees of freedom is the
(number of columns - 1) X (number of rows - 1).
So if you had 2 columns and 4 rows, the DF = (2-1)X(4-1) = 3


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