Following Protocols

It is crucial that protocols are not only followed carefully, but that you understand the purpose of each step. Frequently complications will be encountered and you can effectively trouble shoot only if you understand how the protocol works.

Since we are attempting to give you a real research experience, the protocols are presented as they would be in a research lab. This means the protocols are written much more concisely than you may be used to. For example, a protocol will not include details like “label your tubes” as it is generally understood that unlabelled tubes will lead to disaster.

When following a protocol, you must think and anticipate.

Using a protocol effectively & efficiently

  1. Read the entire protocol ahead of time, making a list of any equipment or components needed. Make sure you understand what you need to do in each step – look up words you do not understand.
  2. Check that you have all the components and equipment needed and that you know how to use them.
  3. As you work through the protocol, read each step in its entirety, right before you do it.
  4. Anticipate. For example, if you will need another set of labelled tubes in step 5, prepare these tubes during a 5 min spin in step 3.
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