Notebooks - 2016

Lab notebooks will be evaluated each week. Your notebook is due noon, the day following your lab. Please hand in using the drop boxes in the hall. Late notebooks will receive a mark of 0 unless previous arrangements have been made.

Any missing or incorrect notes must be corrected on a weekly basis (we will check). Your notebook must be complete at the end of the semester, i.e. all work that you did must be completely described in your notebook and all omissions or errors must be corrected. This means, even if you did not get your notebook in on time, you must still have all notes completed.

Please, please read and reread

  • the protocol, “How to keep a notebook” for detailed guidelines.
  • the Notebook Rubric for 2016/2017 (no changes since 2016).

Your notebooks make up almost a third of the lab mark and these are FREE marks for the taking.

A couple of notebook examples from my own notes (note that these are not PERFECT and might not earn a 10/10, but they are a guide for how real notebooks work).
Click to see larger images.Explantatory notes were not part of the original page and are in colour.
lab%20notebook%20example%201.png lab%20notebook%20example%202.png
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