Turnitin Guide

Some assignments will be submitted using Turn-it-in.
Most of you already have accounts, if not you will have to create one.
You will need to register for the section you are in.

The course ID numbers are

Wed = 10277388

Thur = 10277400

I will give you the password in lab. If you forget it, please email me at moc.liamg|bal503loib#moc.liamg|bal503loib. In the email make sure to state your full name and student ID so I know I am giving the password to a real 305 student!

There are several reasons I use Turn-it-in when I can.

  • It is a easier way for me to evaluate and give useful feedback on your assignments and lab reports.
  • Student's can prove they handed something in and still have access to their original, even if their computer crashes!
  • I can't loose your assignments.
  • I can keep things more fare for all students by making sure everyone is submitting original work.
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