Assignment 5 - 2017

Practice Materials & Methods

Prepare the materials and methods for your lab report.
It should be no more than two pages - although I won't be marking for length this time.

See here for tips.

Predict recombinant frequencies

In assignment 4 you worked out all possible 2 piece recombinants that would be produced in the two strategies we are using.
Predict the frequency with which you expect to see each recombinant produced in each strategy. Give your predictions as % values.
You should have two sets of predictions, one for the shotgun and one for the targeted strategy.
State any assumptions you made in order to come up with your percents.

Purpose and rationale for this study

A key component of your introduction, and indeed your entire report, is to have a clear objective for your study and clear reasons for your investigation. In the project overview, I outlined what you were going to do in this study, namely create a recombinant plasmid containing Gene A using two subcloning methods. However, in your report, you will need to clearly state a study objective and give good reasoning for why you had this objective and why anyone might be interested in reading about it.

For more about study purpose and rationale, please read this page of our lab report writing help website.

Write a clear purpose statement and rationale for this study.


The practice methods, the purpose, the rationale and your communication will be marked using the relevant lab report rubric sections.

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