Preparing for weekly labs

We will have very little time for pre-labs as we need the majority of our weekly 3 hours to complete protocols. Thus, you must be fully prepared for the lab before you lab session begins each week. Please give yourself one hour per week for preparation. This might seem like a lot, but remember, you have only 7 - 8 actual hands-on lab sessions.

We have provided weekly guides to help with your preparation. Each week there is background material to read and protocols to go over ahead of time. If you do not understand something in this material you need to get clarification before you start the lab – preferably before the lab time begins.

There are several ways to get clarification on the material.

  • look it up – Google is very handy for simple explanations (for example – if the protocol says “decant the supernatant” and you don’t know what decant or supernatant mean – look them up).
  • ask a question in the comment section of the weekly guide
  • post a question on a forum
  • contact your lab instructor directly for clarification (moc.liamg|bal503loib#moc.liamg|bal503loib or LB414.4)
  • ask in the lab during the pre-lab time

All labs should be completed in the allotted time. If you need to stay late or come back outside the lab time, your lab mark for the week could be reduced.

Do not depend on electronic devices in the lab, print and bring what you will need with you. You must print and bring the weekly "to do in lab" section to the lab.

Bring to lab every week

  • the weekly guide for that week
  • the weekly guide for the next week
  • the protocol manual
  • protocols you accessed yourself
  • your lab notebook
  • calculator
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